I started this blog a few years ago while working on my dissertation and serving as a teaching assistant for a philosophy course on epistemology and ontology. Machine learning and automation were/are interests, and I began thinking about how machines perform actions that can be construed as moral or immoral. That, itself, might be a contentious claim depending on which philosopher you consult.

Although I do not devote enough time to consistently work in this medium, I often bring content to the site from writing I do in other forms and forums. Posts can run long, depending on how you define ‘long.’

Please feel free to comment, critique, and generally rummage through my typed thoughts. If you wish to engage directly, you can contact me by email at williamdavis@vt.edu (until Va Tech takes away that username. Then I will add another.). That email address also contains my first and last name. I’m so efficient (and sarcastic).



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